We’re always trying to improve the value of our membership at Retro Camping Club, and we’ve entered a partnership with Protec Covers to bring our members discounts and the latest information for the leisure vehicle industry.


Protec’s latest blog post is a comprehensive guide to saving money while in your motorhome or caravan, which we think is more than useful in the current economic climate.


Here’s a quick snippet to get you in the money-saving mood.



If you’re new to leisure vehicles and are thinking of buying your first home-away-from-home check, follow this advice to avoid unnecessarily wasting money.

Planning To Buy a Caravan or Motorhome?

Buy an Appropriate Caravan for Your Existing Tow Vehicle.

It might be tempting (if you have the disposable income) to buy the most extensive, fanciest caravan in your budget. However, you must ensure your car can tow the caravan you want to buy, or you’ll be left with the hefty bill of purchasing a new vehicle.

The mass of your new caravan needs to be less than 85% of the kerb weight of your car so that it can safely pull the van. The RAC has a detailed article on calculating your car’s towing capabilities and the reasons behind it.


Click here to read the rest of the article. How to Save Money & Enjoy Your Caravan or Motorhome Holidays [32 Top Tips] - Protec Covers (pro-teccovers.co.uk)


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