This is my first rally report since the pandemic of 2020 and the first rally since too. Luckily for me, I have the pleasure of reporting its success. The committee was overjoyed and amazed by such a wonderful return back to rallying. Especially after the long absence because of Covid and the alarming troubles the club has suffered.

I would like to start by thanking the important people who made this weekend possible. Firstly to Peter and Priscilla Radley. The owners and hosts of the field we used. Secondly to Ben and Michelle Spokes who arranged everything. Also the other committee members and volunteers who were at hand to help with all matters involved in the activities of the event. 

The first night extravaganza... After pitching up and getting settled in for the weekend, there was loads of catching up to do. Lots of old faces and quite a few new ones to start talking to.

It took twice as long to set up due to everyone asking how I was and wanting to look at the car and caravan. I wasn’t the only one like this. 

Amazingly in the price of the rally, we had booked a local band called Wye Fi (and/or My Tin Monkey, when they are playing Irish music). Fantastic value considering that we were also getting food the next evening also. 

Everyone settled into their camp chairs with drinks flowing and lips chatting. Helpers decorated a trailer to create a stage for the band. The band arrived just before it got dark. They were very entertaining and good. It was a far cry from lockdown. We were all free, dancing and rather jolly to be back rallying under the club banner. 

I feel Saturday is always the best and quickest day. It always seems to go in a flash. I’m my case I never stop talking to members. However, on this occasion, I think it was doubled. Everyone was super-catching-up if they had met before, or were busy making new friends.

Being cooped up the year before makes even the most unsociable people eager to socialise. In the background, the committee were setting up in the open-sided barn, ready for the evening. Delicious burgers, hotdogs with all kinds of salad were being prepared.

All excitement was for the evening. All ready for the rooting tooting barn dance. It was the 4th of July and we were going out in style. Everyone in fancy dress American style. Cowboys, cowgirls and even a Dolly Parton. A fire was lit for warmth and light. It was simply relaxing and fun. The food was great and so was the company. 

I find waking up in a caravan is part of the magic. It’s peaceful and quiet. Even if you can hear a little drizzle of rain. If anything that makes it better. You turn on the gas hob and wait for the whistle of a kettle. Damn it! It’s home time already how can it be. I hate Sunday. It means the daily grind of work is coming. For me anyway. 

However, I peeked out the curtains to see if everyone bought some “bring and buy”. After getting a couple of bargains there was a lovely coffee morning with tea and cake. All bought by members. There were rosettes for some winners of fancy dress etc. It seemed there was a prize for nearly everyone. It was like if you were there you won a prize. 

Sadly the weekend went far too quickly. It did reinforce to us, as a committee that there was still a club and it is worth fighting to save it.

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